Eminent judges unite to address HIV, human rights and the law

Describes a meeting of some 30 judges from the highest national courts of 16 countries in Asia and the Pacific to discuss the role of the judiciary in responding to HIV. Judges also debated the specific actions that can be taken to create a more supportive legal and social environment for people living with and vulnerable to HIV in the region.

Inside NACDL: A Lamentable Example of Overcriminalization: HIV Criminalization

Norman L. Reimer,  Executive Director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, writes about the first U.S. National Prosecutors Roundtable on HIV Criminalization Law and Policy – jointly convened by the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA) and the Center for HIV Law and Policy – noting that the APA will endeavour to develop consensus positions with respect to reform of HIV-related laws.

Taking the fight against HIV criminalization to Crown Prosecutors

Outlines a stage in AIDS Action Now’s Think Twice campaign, which involved sending letters to the Ontario Crown Prosecutors who have brought forward HIV non-disclosure prosecutions, as well as their bosses and the Attorney General, asking them to ‘think twice’ before pursuing prosecutions.