How HIV Criminalisation Undermines the HIV Response

This section includes resources prepared by legal and policy experts, social science resarchers, and community advocates, who have examined and considered the effects of HIV criminalisation on public health and human rights.

Women’s Leadership in issues of decriminalization: Experience of the EECA region

The compendium brings together research from the women’s community, examples of documented personal stories and court cases. All the collected materials demonstrate how criminalisation of HIV is a global problem and how it is linked to gender-based violence. Experts believe that criminalising laws do not protect against HIV infection, but only make women worse off in society.

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Женское лидерство в вопросах декриминализации ВИЧ: опыт региона ВЕЦА

Bad Blood: Criminalisation of Blood Donations by People Living with HIV

Following recent reports of blood donation-related prosecutions in Russia, Singapore, and the United States, the HIV Justice Network undertook desk-based research, collating and categorising all known country and jurisdictional laws that specifically criminalise blood donations by people living with HIV, and known prosecutions under these laws. We analysed these laws and cases using a global policy guidance and human rights law framework, informed by international and state-level scientific data assessing risks of transmission via blood transfusion.