Positive Transformation

Toni-Michelle Williams, the executive director of the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co.), a Black trans- and queer-led organization working to build safety, leadership and political power, explores alternatives to the historically violent and biased U.S. policing system—including restorative and transformative justice models.

HIV criminalisation laws around the world

HIV criminalisation is a global phenomenon, with problematic legislation in every region of the world. Countries criminalise people with HIV for transmission, exposure and/or non-disclosure of HIV status. This page provides a brief overview with global examples and a link to more detailed and up-to-date information by country.

What does undetectable = untransmittable (U=U) mean?

Overview of U=U, explaining how effective treatment lowers the level of HIV (the viral load) in the blood to a level where sexual  transmission of HIV is no longer possible. When the levels are extremely low (below 200 copies/ml of blood measured) it is referred to as an undetectable viral load. At this stage, HIV cannot be passed on sexually.

Through our eyes

Photo essay drawing on photographs and narratives created as part of an ongoing community-based photo-voice project visually exploring the gendered dimensions of HIV stigma, disclosure, and criminalization among diverse groups of women and transgender people living with HIV in Vancouver, Canada