Fair Trial Manual – Second Edition

This Manual seeks to provide a practical guide to the relevant human rights standards for anyone involved in examining how well a criminal trial or a justice system meets international standards of fairness. It is intended for the use of trial observers and others assessing the fairness of an individual case, as well as for anyone seeking to evaluate the extent to which a country’s criminal justice system guarantees respect for international standards of fair trial. It may also serve as a guide for law makers, judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers or as a training tool.

HIV and AIDS and Labour Rights: A Handbook for Judges and Legal Professionals

“This Handbook aims to assist judges and legal professionals in handling HIV and AIDS-related matters with a focus on employment and occupation. It provides information on relevant national and international law and its application in domestic courts operating in diverse legal traditions and frameworks.” ILO

Change the world: A toolkit for citizen journalists

This training manual helps lay the foundation for civil society advocates to become citizen journalists. It brings together journalism skills and advocacy goals to help Key Correspondents share their perspectives and experience with decision makers and wider audiences to influence the discourse around HIV and related issues. The manual introduces the basic components of journalism; so correspondents can write their stories with accuracy and using a journalistic approach to improve the potential of being published in mainstream media. It is a ‘how to’ guide for individual study.

HIV and AIDS Faith Advocacy Toolkit

Drawing upon a wide literature on HIV, religion, and advocacy, this toolkit aims to equip and inspire people to use the strength of their faith communities to advocate for the achievement of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. It contains a background on faith-based advocacy and HIV, a guide to planning advocacy campaigns, an overview of universal access, and additional advocacy resources. The toolkit was prepared as part of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance’s HIV and AIDS campaign “Live the Promise,” based on the knowledge that churches are living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. The campaign aims to hold individuals, governments, religious leaders, and faith organizations accountable for the commitments they have made and be advocates for further efforts and resources to respond to HIV and AIDS.

Advocacy strategy toolkit

A practical toolkit for young people who are passionate about advancing HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights through national advocacy in the post-2015 agenda.

Advocacy in action: A toolkit to support NGOs and CBOs

This toolkit, produced jointly by the Alliance and the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), shows NGOs and CBOs how they can use advocacy to influence people in power, to create an environment that protects the rights, health and welfare of everyone, whether HIV positive or negative. It sets out to build practical skills, provide a training resource and continue learning.