Bad Blood: Criminalisation of Blood Donations by People Living with HIV

Following recent reports of blood donation-related prosecutions in Russia, Singapore, and the United States, the HIV Justice Network undertook desk-based research, collating and categorising all known country and jurisdictional laws that specifically criminalise blood donations by people living with HIV, and known prosecutions under these laws. We analysed these laws and cases using a global policy guidance and human rights law framework, informed by international and state-level scientific data assessing risks of transmission via blood transfusion.

UNAIDS Terminology Guidelines – 2015

Language shapes beliefs and may influence behaviours. Considered use of appropriate language has the power to strengthen the global response to the AIDS epidemic. That is why the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) is pleased to make these guidelines to Preferred terminology freely available for use by staff members, colleagues and other partners working in the global response to HIV

Centering Health, Respecting Rights: A Training Manual for Police

This training manual draws on current scientific evidence and best practices related to police education and HIV and HCV health and safety training. It is intended for use by police departments to assist them in meeting their professional obligations to provide safer service to people living with and affected by HIV and/or HCV.

A Litigation Guide on Crimes of Sex Working and Homosexuality

This an English Summary of the book “A Litigation Guide on Crimes of Sex Working and Homosexuality (Prostitution and Debauchery) “. The book aims to provide a litigation guide and a legal overview of principles and procedures to legal advocates and whoever wishes to know more about “prostitution” or “debauchery” crimes under Egyptian law.

Media reporting: HIV and the Criminal Law

This guide is an evidence-based resource to assist journalists in Canada in reporting responsibly and accurately about alleged HIV non-disclosure and resulting criminal cases.

Using Research In The Fight Against HIV Criminalisation – A Guide for Activists

The purpose of this guide is to help advocates who want to use research in their activism. It is not a guide about how to conduct original research. Instead, it focuses on how to find, read and interpret research on HIV criminalisation, giving examples of how advocates have successfully used research to challenge HIV criminalisation.


Lifting the Burden of Secrecy – Positive Speakers’ Guide

Manual for people who want to speak out and change attitudes to HIV and who want to advocate for appropriate HIV laws, policies and practices. Includes steps to a successful advocacy campaign and examples of how people living with HIV around the world have specifically advocated for policy change, and some of their success stories.