Police and Blood-Borne Viruses

Contains information about blood-borne viruses including how they are spread, how to protect against infection and what to do if there is a possible exposure. Written to provide information and guidance, it does not supersede policies and procedures of policing agencies.

Effective Laws to End HIV and AIDS: Next Steps for Parliaments

Informs parliamentarians about the types of laws that are helpful and unhelpful in the AIDS response. Gives examples of legislation from around the world that has been effective in limiting the spread of HIV, and draws lessons from the experiences of parliamentarians involved. (This resource contains content that is broader than HIV criminalisation.)

UNAIDS Handbook for Legislators on HIV/AIDS, Law and Human Rights

Aims to assist parliamentarians and other elected officials to undertake appropriate law reform and develop effective legislation to fight against AIDS. Provides examples of best legislative and regulatory practices from around the world. (This resource contains content that is broader than HIV criminalisation.)

HIV Transmission, the Law and the Work of the Clinical Team

Sets out the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals when caring for individuals living with HIV. Also suggests ways to achieve a confidential environment in which extremely sensitive matters relating to HIV-related risk and HIV status disclosure to third parties can be frankly and fully discussed. The document states that healthcare professionals must be mindful of their duty not to work beyond their expertise in legal matters.