Expert consensus statement on the science of HIV in the context of criminal law

Twenty scientists from regions across the world developed this Expert Consensus Statement to address the use of HIV science by the criminal justice system. Description of the possibility of HIV transmission was limited to acts most often at issue in criminal cases. The authors recommend that caution be exercised when considering prosecution, and encourage governments and those working in legal and judicial systems to pay close attention to the significant advances in HIV science that have occurred over the last three decades to ensure current scientific knowledge informs application of the law in cases related to HIV.

Consensus Statement on The Criminalization Of HIV in the United States

The first national consensus statement by (a long list of) U.S. community organisations and individuals, released by the Positive Justice Project in July 2012. The Consensus Statement includes calls for an end to the use of specific laws and to prosecutions where there is no intent to cause harm and current science does not support the likelihood of transmission.

Sexual transmission of HIV and the law: an Australian medical consensus statement

Provides current scientific evidence to facilitate just outcomes in Australian criminal cases involving HIV. Argues that careful attention should be paid to the best scientific evidence on HIV risk and harms, with consideration of alternatives to prosecution, including public health management. Authored by leading Australian HIV clinicians and scientists.