Working with Police

Researching how the police work

Work in the UK considered how police undertake their work and ways to improve policing related to HIV infection risk.

Police occupational health policies and blood borne virus training: protecting health?

Review of materials from 15 police constabularies found police practice was adversely influenced by numerous factual inaccuracies including routes of transmission, likelihood of infection, harms of infection, and need to segregate people in custody. Recommends review of police training materials and new training about HIV.

Policing Transmission

A review of police handling of criminal investigations relating to transmission of HIV in England and Wales, 2005-2008.  The report was used as evidence to argue for both prosecutorial and police guidance.  To get a sense of its findings and impact see also the coverage of the launch of the report held in the UK House of Commons in January 2009.

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