HIV Criminalization in Canada: Testimonials

Compiled from research interviews conducted by Alexander McClelland, as part of his doctoral research at Concordia University. In order to protect the confidentiality of research participants, these stories are composites and the names are pseudonyms.

How to advocate for prosecutorial guidelines

This video toolkit comprises a workshop held during a seminar on HIV criminalisation in Berlin in September 2012 to discuss challenges associated with the creation of prosecution guidelines, providing important insights from prosecutors and civil society alike. The workshop followed the European premiere of the documentary ‘Doing HIV Justice: Clarifying criminal law and policy through prosecutorial guidance’ which explores how prosecution guidelines were created for England and Wales

Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada Video Series

Series of 23 short videos on different aspects of criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada. Topics include: What is criminalization of HIV disclosure?, What should I do if I’m charged?, Why don’t people with HIV always disclose?, and How does Canada’s strict legal stance affect those living with HIV?.

HIV is not a Crime Training Academy 2016

Supports advocates to effectively strategize about ending HIV criminalisation. The 30-minute video distils the content of the three-day training academy into four overarching themes: survivors, victories, intersectionality and community.

HIV is Not a Crime

Introduces HIV criminalization through the experiences of three people who were prosecuted for HIV crimes.