Getting the Message Right


HIV-related prosecutions frequently attract a lot of media attention. The following resources provide insight into developing better media reporting.

Start the Press: How African communities in the UK can work with the media to confront HIV stigma

Argues that by speaking out, people with HIV and leaders among African communities can raise awareness of the discrimination they experience. Suggests HIV advocates can get to know the media and work with journalists to tell their stories on their own terms, spotlighting inaccurate and misleading coverage and targeting stigma. Includes language guide.

The HIV Media Guide

Provides journalists with tools to ensure media reporting on HIV is accurate and sensitive. Highlights key issues and includes tips for best practice, a language guide, HIV statistics, facts about HIV prevention and treatment and links to useful resources. Includes section on criminalisation.

Uganda Takes a Giant Leap Backwards in the Global Struggle Against HIV and AIDS

Condemns the passage of the HIV Prevention and AIDS Control Bill 2010, arguing it endangers the lives of Ugandan women living with HIV and undermines Uganda’s already backsliding response to HIV.